Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association (LONA)
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**New Plant Plaque Map & Info on our Parks page**

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If you live within (or near) the shaded map, we consider you to be a member of our Neighborhood Association. Although our Yahoo! Group's membership is quite active online, only about one-fifth of Association households are currently members of the Group, and we would like to increase participation, both to foster awareness of neighborhood events, activities, and concerns, and to increase communications among our neighbors.
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Meetings and Events

- Mark Your Calendars -

General Meetings

September 22nd, 2015 7pm-8:45pm @ Spicewood Springs Library

Board Meetings

None currently scheduled

Watering Restrictions


Effective: August 30, 2012. 

Complete information can be found at the City of Austin’s Water Conservation web site: 

Oak Wilt


The best time of year to prune your live oak trees is between November and January

Here is further information, courtesy of our neighbors in Northwest Hills.

Neighborhood Wildlife

Don’t feed or make food available to deer. Supplemental feeding does more harm than good and is illegal inside the city limits. Additional information can be found on the City of Austin website: .

*Austin Wildlife Rescue, Inc. ( is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that rehabilitates and releases orphaned, sick or injured animals, and educates the public on how to co-exist with wildlife.

Feeding Deer is a Violation of City Ordinance

In 2009, the Austin City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the "Intentional Feeding of Deer." Supplemental feeding contributes to overpopulation of deer by artificially increasing birth and survival rates. This results in property damage from over-browsing of local vegetation and ornamental plants. Moreover, it congregates unnaturally high numbers of deer into busy urban areas where they become traffic hazards, less fearful of humans and more susceptible to disease transmission within the herd.

Within the city limits last year, the Austin Police Department reported 63 deer-involved vehicle collisions and 517 dead deer were removed by the City of Austin's Solid Waste Services Department. For more information, contact the Austin-Travis County Health Department at 972-5692, or visit

Source: Austin Energy Customer News, June, 2011

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